OMORPHO Launches 'Sweat Smarter' with New Colors of Award-Winning Women's G-Vest+

July 2023
Small weights. Big results.
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(Portland, Ore., July 17, 2023) – Today, micro-weighted fitness brand OMORPHO announces an expansion to their women’s weighted G-Vest+ product line through a new campaign focused on female empowerment in fitness titled, “Sweat Smarter.” The campaign follows five female fitness influencers demonstrating OMORPHO’s focus on evolving the fitness space by creating sportswear and weighted vests designed specifically for women, across a variety of activities.

“Sweat Smarter” highlights the stories of five women who represent five fitness archetypes—the fitness expert (Jennifer Jacobs), wellness warrior (Amber Flowers), goal-oriented beginner (Marley Smith), runner (Gabrielle Nelson) and artist (Kady Lone). Each of these women embody the archetypes through their ongoing commitment to advancing their health and fitness. Throughout this campaign, they demonstrate how OMORPHO helps them do the same workout with better results while further bringing strength and femininity to fitness. 

Regardless of how or where you train, OMORPHO’s G-Vest+ is the ultimate tool to help you maximize your workouts. The first connected weighted vest, the G-Vest+ features an NFC tag embedded beneath the logo that takes users to the OMORPHO Training App with the simple tap of an iPhone. Workouts on average last around 20 minutes, allowing athletes to experience impactful workouts in less time, fitting busy schedules and routines.

The G-Vest+ will now be offered in two new colors, Lavender and Sun, in addition to previously-released Ocean, Olive, Fire, Black, and Cloud, marking OMORPHO’s continued focus on evolving the women’s wearable resistance space, by designing weighted vests by women for women.

The innovative design was spearheaded by OMORPHO’s Creative Director Natalie Candrian, who, prior to joining OMORPHO, spent 15 years designing footwear and apparel for leading sportswear brands. With the G-Vest+, Candrian prioritized crafting the vest to the shape of a woman’s body, with adjustable straps to fit a variety of body types and structure preferences.

“With the initial designs of our weighted Gravity Sportswear, we were aiming to make the entire line look sleek, yet unique. With the weighted G-Vest+ in particular, we really wanted to do so in a way that fit women’s fashion. The category is missing that,” said Candrian. “I’ve been around athletes throughout my career and am constantly inspired by the ability to bring femininity to sports and fitness, and at OMORPHO I’ve been able to take that a step further, with that being the driving force behind what we do. Now, through this Sweat Smarter campaign, we’re able to do so alongside a team of inspiring, like-minded women, and I’m excited to see where we can take our vision from here.”

OMORPHO’s “Sweat Smarter” campaign was informed by the team of strong female crew members, including tennis player Ajla Tomljanovic, actress Cynthia Erivo, trainer Claire Thomas, U.S. heptathlete Annie Kunz, and more.

The Lavender and Sun G-Vest+ weighted vests are available now for $279 in Small/Medium (4 lbs 12 oz) and Large/XL (5 lbs 6 oz).

To download campaign imagery click HERE.

To learn more about OMORPO’s full crew, Gravity Sportswear, benefits of MicroLoad, and to shop the collection, please visit or follow us on Instagram @OMORPHO


OMORPHO is a premium sport and fitness company founded in 2017 in Portland, OR. Its G-Vest+ and GRAVITY SPORTSWEAR™ collections powered by MicroLoad™ anatomically places small weights strategically across the body, helping everyone, from fitness fans to professional athletes, to get fitter, faster and stronger by simply changing what they wear for training. The name OMORPHO is derived from Greek, meaning “beautiful,” and is the lens through which the company creates gorgeous products and services that simplify the pursuit of a fit life. To view the entire collection and learn more about the science and benefits of MicroLoad™ please visit or follow @OMORPHO on Instagram.

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Noah Gold Head of Communications, OMORPHO | 818-585-7199

Our new “Sweat Smarter” campaign highlights the stories of five women from various backgrounds and how they use OMORPHO in their pursuit of progress and fitness.

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