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That’s our mission. It’s simple, but powerful. We believe everyone deserves a fit life.

And although the idea of being “fit” may be different for all of us, we know, after decades of creating products and services for athletes at every level, that it’s the small changes over a longer period of time that deliver the greatest results. This is true whether you’re preparing to set a world record, crushing your workouts, or simply wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We were founded in 2017 in Portland, OR, and have spent over three years perfecting our Gravity Sportswear collection for you. It’s powered by MicroLoad™. Sounds fancy, but it’s simple - by loading your body with small amounts of naturally-distributed weight when training we can help you get stronger, fitter, and faster by simply changing what you wear.

The name OMORPHO is derived from Greek, meaning “beautiful,” and is the lens through which we create gorgeous products and services that simplify the pursuit of a fit life.

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