Loading your body with small amounts of distributed weight can help you build strength, power and endurance.



Loading your body with small amounts of distributed weight can help you build strength, power and endurance.

How it works

The principles behind MicroLoad are simple:

  • By placing weight on the parts of the body that are moving, you increase the challenge to the active muscles.
  • By keeping the weight light, you can move with nearly the same speed and intensity.
  • By distributing the weight across your body, there is no interference to how you move naturally.

What this means:

This means you can increase the effectiveness of your training and realize greater results, without changing anything but what you wear.

What it can do for you

Science - Sport Tile

For Sport

Get the benefits of resistance while training at full speed. Gravity Sportswear helps you hone strength, power and speed for any movement.

Studies have shown:

Science - Fitness Tile

For Fitness

Burn more calories, boost your cardio and increase the challenge to your muscles. Gravity Sportswear helps you get more from your workout in the same amount of time.

Studies have shown:



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