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Introducing the OMORPHO Lifestyle Collection

March 2023
Liz TerzoHead of Product
Julie Jaws Nelson wearing OMORPHO black lifestyle hoodie in New York.

Since the founding of OMORPHO, we’ve wanted to make lifestyle apparel that complements our G-Vest weighted vest and G-Wear And while many associate our products with MicroLoad technology, we know that it helps to have additional pieces for layering, comfort and style. The debut of our hand-crafted lifestyle collection includes a cap, top and hoodie that you can wear to, from and even during your fitness workouts.

The OMORPHO lifestyle collection was designed to go with our weighted apparel aesthetically and functionally. You may want to pair your G-Short with the OMORPHO Top, or maybe you want to layer the OMORPHO Hoodie on top of your G-Vest while warming up, like many of our crew regularly do. We wanted to give consumers these styling options for any situation while offering a way to reduce or gradually add the wearable resistance provided by our weighted gear. 

The OMORPHO Hoodie features energetic graphics, distinct branding and hidden “easter eggs” related to our brand. The graphic on the back of the hoodie has some details that are personal to us, like the “OR” for Oregon, where we’re based, and the letters “SWE” for Sweden, where our founder is from. 

Our OMORPHO Crew and trainers were essential to our wear-testing and inspiration for the lifestyle collection. When we shared early prototypes of the hoodie with athletes like Ajla Tomljanović, Annie Kunz and Alexander Mattison at our G-Vest event last year, they didn’t want to give them back. In fact, Ajla and Alexander have been wearing them in media appearances and both to and from training sessions. It’s always a good sign when your prototypes disappear! It means people really love them. 

It was fun to design the lifestyle collection because we got to play with graphics and color. We also focused on crafting the pieces with premium materials, trims, details and fabrications. The fabric is a cozy, performance-blend cotton, the kind you want to live in. The inner lining of the hoodies pairs black and olive, and the drawstrings are coated and rubberized with our branding to have a tactile feel. We thought about every detail and wanted to make these seemingly simple silhouettes feel sophisticated and crafted to meet the needs of an active lifestyle. 

The OMORPHO product, design and development teams are led by an incredible group of women, including Natalie Candrian, Head of Product Design, Irena Ilcheva, Head of Product Development and myself. Irena helped us craft every piece, while Natalie gave our product the perfect drape. We made sure to create distinction between the men’s and women’s pieces. The blocking on the women’s hoodie is very different from the men’s. The women’s is slightly oversized while still reflecting body shape, and the men’s has more of a standard fit. Both are super comfortable and can manage some of the sweat and moisture from warming up or getting to the gym.

Each piece is handmade in a small studio where we’re based in Portland, Oregon. It’s not machine-made or mass-produced. Every item is crafted and elevated with attention to detail, and Irena oversees all of the production. She checks to ensure that each piece meets her extremely high standards. 

Of course, we’re always thinking about what comes next, too. We already have plans in the works for how we’ll expand all of our collections and continue to innovate. We’re always listening to consumer feedback and working months and years ahead of launch. The OMORPHO Lifestyle Collection will be available in limited quantities and available first to OMORPHO members. Be sure to sign up to get it right away! 

The OMORPHO Hoodie



The OMORPHO lifestyle collection was designed to go with our weighted apparel aesthetically and functionally. You may want to pair your G-Short with The OMORPHO Top, or maybe you want to layer The OMORPHO Hoodie on top of your G-Vest while warming up, like many of our OMORPHO Crew regularly do.

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