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Top 5 Bodyweight Glute Exercises with OMORPHO G-Wear Weighted Apparel

August 2023
Tatyana JohnstonSport Performance Lead

In the realm of fitness and wellness, a powerhouse muscle often overlooked are the glutes. These muscles, collectively comprising the largest group in the human body, play a pivotal role in everyday health and performance. Training your glutes increases overall leg strength, protects and strengthens the knees and hips, promotes good form in all lower body lifts, and is a vital cross training tool for nearly all sports. Training your glutes with OMORPHO’s G-Wear - in this blog post we’ll spotlight our G-Tight - increases the efficiency of your glute specific exercises and allows you to amp up the difficulty and load without compromising on form. 

Below are the top 5 bodyweight glute exercises. To give yourself an added boost, wear the micro weighted OMORPHO G-Tight while you do each move and combine them into a full workout that will leave your glutes torched. The Women’s G-Tight has 1lb. of distributed weight, the Men’s G-Tight has just under 1.5 lbs.

Move 1: Glute bridge

This exercise targets the glutes and hamstrings, and is a great low impact way to strengthen your posterior chain. You can also perform this exercise with one leg at a time, targeting one glute and then the other.

Move 2: Lateral donkey kick

This exercise begins in tabletop, and you extend your heel out to the side and bring it back in. This move targets the glute medius the most, the muscle responsible for side to side motion and also helps your knees track correctly, which helps your knees and hips stay healthy and free of pain. When performing a lateral donkey kick exercise, extend and squeeze for a slow, strength based glute exercise.

Move 3: Reverse lunge

This is one of the most effective single leg movements that targets glutes, quads, and hamstrings - the goal is to drive your back knee down while keeping your chest up, and drive your knee at the top of the movement for more glute activation. By adding your G-Tight to this movement, you will be getting a little more strength work and intensity. You can also add a jump for some plyometric training!

Move 4: Rear elevated split squat

For this exercise, you will need a bench, box, or even a chair or some stairs. With your back leg slightly elevated on this surface, you will lunge down and keep your front knee right above your toe. This move is mostly all glutes, with accessory work on the quads and hamstrings. Start shallow and work your way up to increasing the depth of your split squat - you can add a jump at the top, and with the G-Tight, it will be a very effective glute burn :)

Move 5: Sumo squat

The last exercise is a sumo squat, which is a regular squat but with your feet slightly wider and your toes turned out. This move can look different for everyone based on their mobility, but the goal is to squat your hips as low as you can while keeping good form, and squeeze your glutes at the top. With your legs set wider, the focus is brought more to the glutes than the quads; you can always add a jump here to turn up the heat!

If you are looking for a quick workout that is ALL glute work, grab your G-Tights and set your clock for 20 minutes. You will perform each of the moves above for :45 seconds, followed by a :15 second break. Repeat this sequence 3 times through, and I guarantee you will feel your glutes the next day. You can change the intensity by adding a plyometric jump, or even wearing more of our OMORPHO G-Wear to add wearable resistance to your workout. Go crush it!

OMORPHO offers a range of weighted fitness gear in the form of product bundles designed to facilitate progressive overload seamlessly into any workout to help achieve your fitness goals and drive continuous improvement for enthusiasts and athletes alike.

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