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OMORPHO's "Sweat Smarter" campaign offers women the most efficient fitness solution with G-Vest

July 2023
OMORPHO TeamSmall weights. Big results.
Group of women wearing OMORPHO weighted vest for women in Olive, Fire, Sun, Cloud, Ocean and Fire

At OMORPHO, we are continually inspired by and listening to the women on our team, in our crew and in our communities. We have a women-led design team committed to making products that serve everyone, while also ensuring that our G-Vest and G-Wear lines include specific pieces for women. With a focus on function, impact and style, our revolutionary micro-weighted sportswear helps women in their pursuit of progress.

Our new “Sweat Smarter” campaign highlights the stories of five women that represent five fitness archetypes—the fitness expert Jennifer Jacobs, wellness warrior Amber Flowers, goal-oriented beginner Marley Smith, runner Gabrielle Nelson and artist Kady Lone. Each of these women embody the archetypes through their ongoing commitment to advancing their health and fitness. Despite their busy lives and different workout preferences, they share the belief that the OMORPHO G-Vest is a micro change that makes a major impact on their training. It fits their bodies, offering support without strain, and comes in a sleek design that helps maximize the impact of any activity and brings together both strength and femininity. 

Timed to the launch of “Sweat Smarter,” OMORPHO debuts two new G-Vest weighted vest colorways: Sun and Lavender. OMORPHO G-Vest is also the first-ever micro-weighted vest developed for women. Gone are the days of using men’s products or overloaded weights. The G-Vest helps burn more calories without interfering with your movement, all while providing a stylish look and feel.

Hear from the five women featured in our “Sweat Smarter” campaign talk about strength, G-Vest and what sweat smarter means to them.

Jennifer Jacobs, Fitness expert

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“The first time suiting up in G-Vest, I like to say suiting up because it feels just like that. It feels like I'm suiting up as a superhero, my alter ego, my ultra superhero so that I can attack anything that is set before me. That's what it feels like. It almost is like a form of pre workout. I'm putting on the vest, I'm committing to the work ahead and now I'm about to bring my best.”

Amber Flowers, Wellness warrior

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“I would define strength as being empowered. I find strength through movement. When I workout I tend to talk to myself and build myself up - if I can get through this workout I can get through anything. I’m training my brain to believe that I can do anything I want to and for me that starts with fitness…If I can talk myself through a situation then nobody can stop me from doing anything I want to do.”

Marley, Goal-oriented beginner

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“To me sweating smarter means incorporating your physical activity into your daily life and making it functional for you. The G-Vest offers that functionality. I had always seen weighted vests worn by males so I never thought they were accessible to women. The ones that I had seen weren’t so fashionable. They were bulky and had Army fatigue colors with straps all over like military gear. Initially when I held the OMORPHO G-Vest it felt heavily in my hands but once I put it on it was so seamless. It’s sleek. The material is very comfortable. It almost feels like you have nothing on. It contours to my body really well and is very functional.”    

Kady Lone, Artist

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“I define strength not only as physically what you build in the gym but mentally on the inside and the benefits that exercise gives me internally as well.”

Gabrielle Nelson, Runner

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"The OMORPHO G-Vest is cool because it's subtle enough that right off the bat you might not notice it and towards the end, you can definitely feel the difference, especially if you use it over time in various activities. And it's just a cool way to push yourself instead of having to decide to go an extra mile or have the mental battle of lifting heavier or going further because it is so comfortable and functional. It's an easy way to ease yourself into that mindset and notice the difference over time without having to hit a wall and push past it. You’re kind of accepting the challenge when you put on the vest and I think it's a great workout buddy."

Two new colorways of the OMORPHO G-Vest are the season's hottest colors. Sun is a vibrant warm shade of yellow with an energetic vibe, and Lavender is a light purple that exudes cool reflective confidence. Both are now available for purchase, exclusively for the women's G-Vest.

To learn how you can “Sweat Smarter” please visit the OMORPHO IG handle and YouTube channel. Try OMORPHO to make your workout do more for you and subscribe to our newsletter for more stories like this.

Our new “Sweat Smarter” campaign highlights the stories of five women from various backgrounds and how they use OMORPHO in their pursuit of progress and fitness.

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