Gravity Sportswear uses MicroLoad™ to deepen the mind-body connection in your yoga practice by pushing your body to engage more muscle and toning than you would in a regular yoga class. With evenly-distributed weights across your moving body parts, you’ll barely notice them, but get more back from every session.

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  • Achieve deeper stretch
  • Build muscular endurance
  • Increase intensity and calorie burn
Expert Approved

Traci Copeland

Based in Seattle, Washington, Traci has been teaching yoga and functional fitness conditioning for over 15 years.

“OMORPHO weighted gear is the perfect example of how a little thing can make a huge difference. Adding a small amount of weight to every stride, pose and move will make measurable results. It’s light enough you may not feel it in the moment, but with consistency, you’ll really start to see the results.”


Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials

These styles have been carefully selected to give you the most for your yoga.

OMORPHO W G-Vest lavender weight vest for women - front portrait


$ 279

5 lbs

Designed by women, for women, G-Vest contours to the shape of your body for a comfortable fit and full range motion to strike even the most advanced poses. 5 lbs. of stainless steel ball bearings are spread naturally across the core, you’ll hardly notice while keeping limbs free to reach while reaching deep into static holds and stretches.

Front view Close-up of Male wearing Omorpho cloud G Vest


$ 299

10 lbs

From Hatha to Vinyasa, G-Vest is your perfect yoga partner. Uniquely designed to move as you move, an adjustable slim fit provides full range motion to strike the most advanced poses. The added weight raises the challenge of your Warrior and Chaturanga, but evenly spread weights across your core makes it feel lighter than it’s 10 pounds.

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