Gravity Sportswear is the athlete’s secret weapon. By layering on weight to your body for your training, you’re adding resistance directly to your routes, cuts and coverage - making the gains directly transferrable to your performance on the field. All this, so when it’s gameday you’ll be faster than the guy on the other side of the line.

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  • Increased top speed
  • Quicker cuts & field agility
  • Level-up your vertical
Athlete Approved

Alexander Mattison

Alexander is an NFL Running Back for the Minnesota Vikings.

“After using it for months, my explosiveness and broad jumps are a lot better. I'm jumping a lot higher. it’s not an inch difference, it’s like a 4-6 inch difference.”


Britain Covey

Receiver, Philadelphia Eagles

Game Changer

“OMORPHO is revolutionary because you get the benefits of lifting while you're playing your sport. I can run routes training with weighted gear, so that I'm working the exact muscle groups I'll use when running routes during a game.”


Demario Davis

All-Pro Linebacker, New Orleans Saints

Move Naturally

“Ever since I first put on the G-Vest+, I was impressed by its sleek and effective design, and that I could move naturally with the additional 10lbs of wearable resistance.”

FOOTBALL Essentials

FOOTBALL Essentials

All OMORPHO gear will give you a boost, but these are the best place to start.

Front side view of Female wearing Omorpho black G Vest


$ 279

5 lbs

This vest is the ideal way to build-up explosive power and vertical during the off-season. The G-Vest is the only natural way to add resistance directly to your training drills and plyometric work, so that your strength gains transfer directly to your performance on the field.

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