Wearing Gravity Sportswear is the perfect way to take your workouts to the next level. By wearing extra weight, you’ll get stronger, burn more calories and get more toned in less time.

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  • Save time with efficient workouts
  • Get stronger and more toned
  • Burn up to 8% more calories
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Jennifer Jacobs

CEO and Founder of J Method Fitness, a former Senior Instructor for Peloton Interactive, and Creator of the extremely popular Job 1 and Bike 1 workout programs available on BODi, formerly known as Beachbody

"When you train in Gravity Sportswear, you train efficiently and effectively getting the most from your workouts in as little time as possible - burning more calories, becoming more powerful and stronger in less time.”

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FITNESS EssentialsFITNESS EssentialsAll OMORPHO gear will give you a boost, but these are the best place to start.
Front view of Female wearing Omorpho fire G Vest


$ 279

5.0 lbs

Designed by women, for women, the fit of G-Vest contours to the shape of your body for a comfortable fit and full range motion for any class or training program. The 5 lbs of weight is evenly distributed across the core to create a sleek design that looks amazing while you get your sweat on.

Portrait view of female in studio with hands on hips in a weighted workout top, the G-Tank Black


$ 119

0.6 lb

This stylish top adds micro-weight to your upper body for a gentle challenge to your core that encourages better posture, balance and stability. Flexible and breathable fabrics make it the perfect addition to any fitness routine. Great to layer under the G-Vest or wear alone, this will quickly become one of your workout essentials.

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