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Adding Gravity Sportswear to your hoop game and athletic training will help you with a quicker cut, add inches to your rise, and build endurance to handle double-OT games when the season on the line.

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  • Increases your Quickness
  • Build up your Stamina
  • Level-up your vertical
Athlete Approved

Mason Plumlee

Mason is currently a center for the Los Angeles Clippers, and a 10yr NBA veteran

“OMORPHO gear has become a must-have for my off-season training. It adds just enough resistance to my workouts to give me an edge on my competition, but I’m able to play my game and run my drills just as I always have.”

BASKETBALL EssentialsBASKETBALL EssentialsAll OMORPHO gear will give you a boost, but these are the best place to start.
G Top SL Black Female playing basketball


$ 139

1.5 lbs

This men’s top may be even better for women. It distributes it’s 1.5 lbs evenly across your chest and back to minimize distraction while adding resistance to every move on the court.

Front view of Female wearing Omorpho black G Vest


$ 279

5.0 lbs

This vest is the ideal way to build-up your vertical and develop an explosive first-step in the off-season. The G-Vest is the only natural way to add resistance directly to your athletic training and plyometric work, so that your gains transfer directly to your game on the court.

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