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5 Benefits Of Using The OMORPHO Workout App

January 2023
Brandon BurroughsHead of Digital at OMORPHO
OMORPHO Training App phone view

We designed the OMORPHO workout app to help you get the most out of your training using our OMORPHO G-Vest and G-Wear. It’s free with your OMORPHO purchase and includes fun, fast and effective workouts, which we call G-Sessions, that you can do anywhere, anytime. We’re constantly simplifying the fitness experience so that you don’t need a gym, expensive subscriptions or lots of equipment to work out.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using the OMORPHO workout app!

It’s super simple.

Working out should be the hardest part, not choosing your workout. Most workout apps are filled with endless libraries of content with little differentiation. Too much choice adds unnecessary, time-consuming complexity.

In the OMORPHO workout app, we provide a single series of 10 fresh workouts each month, and each has a specific target and focus. You can start from the top of the list or pick your favorite. It’s that easy!

We also provide a simple goal called “Win the Month.” To win the month, you complete all of the 10 workouts before the month is over. Each month presents a fresh start with a new workout series and a new goal. If you fall out of your routine, you can jump right back in anytime.

It’s proven effective.

Scientific studies have shown that when you wear our OMORPHO G-Vest or G-Wear, you’re getting more out of every step and every rep. This is because our products add small amounts of distributed weight across the body (a.k.a. MicroLoad) to help you burn more calories, increase the challenge for your muscles and build additional endurance. By just changing what you wear, you can work out for the same amount of time with more benefits.

OMORPHO trainer, Tatyana Johnston, has designed each app workout to maximize the effect of wearing G-Wear while minimizing the training time required. The typical workout is 20 minutes, and our short “boost” workouts are 10 minutes. This allows everyone to get the most out of the time they put into their training. And if you want to do more, the workouts are designed to be stackable, so you could theoretically do a full-body workout and then finish it off with a core boost! 

You can use it anywhere.

For far too long, people have been confined to working out in small, dark spaces: crowded gyms, garages, basements or bedrooms. As humans, we are curious and exploratory; we’re meant to get out into the world and experience it through movement.

We developed our Gravity Sportswear to be worn on the move and empower you to do your workout anywhere you want. With the G-Sessions in the OMORPHO workout app and Gravity Sportswear, you have all you need to get a great workout in, wherever you are, without needing other equipment. If you’re not able to get outside, that’s okay! We filmed our workouts in beautiful, inspiring and sometimes unexpected locations that can help you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else momentarily.

It’s about getting fitter, together.

We know from years of experience that the most powerful motivation to get fit (and stay fit) is another human being. Unfortunately, the digital fitness landscape is filled with broken promises of “community” comprised of leaderboards with faces you don’t even know.  

At OMORPHO, we’re doing it differently. We want to get to know every member of our crew and bring people together to inspire, motivate and support one another. To enable us to come together, we’ve created a dedicated Instagram channel, @OMORPHOCREW, led by OMORPHO trainer, Tatyana Johnston. It’s a platform for sharing and celebrating and has great guidance for anyone pursuing fitness.

It works with the OMORPHO G-Vest.

To provide a simple and rich user experience, our OMORPHO G-Vest has a built-in shortcut! It allows you to simply hold the back of your iPhone to the OMORPHO logo, and it will instantly launch the OMORPHO workout app, queue up your workout for the day and “check in” your G-Vest for that workout.

When you’ve “checked in” your G-Vest for a workout, you earn Gravity Points (or G-Points) for every minute of training. G-Points accumulate over time to unlock special promotions and exclusive products from OMORPHO.

The magic behind it is what we call G-Link, an embedded NFC tag in the G-Vest that contains each vest’s unique serial number, style and construction information. (This is the same technology used in ApplePay and other tap-to-pay solutions!)

There’s more to come!

We can’t share all of our future plans just yet, but let’s just say that we’re looking forward to sharing more great workouts and fun challenges in the months to come. We’ll also be adding Android integration as soon as possible! All of our workouts are also available on our YouTube channel in the meantime. 

We’re excited to use all of our platforms and products to help the world get fitter, faster and stronger—together. Be sure to follow OMORPHO on social media for more updates.

We designed the OMORPHO workout app to help you get the most out of your training using our OMORPHO G-Vest and G-Wear. It’s free with your OMORPHO purchase and includes fun, fast and effective workouts, which we call G-Sessions, that you can do anywhere, anytime.

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